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Share album When you square measure exploitation the coinbase you've to travel through varied verification processes. And their area unit instances once Coinbase didn't Verify them. What square measure those instances and what may well be the principle behind them? Coinbase Failed To Verify ID When you begin the mercantilism on the coinbase you've got to verify your identity. For that, you've got to submit your image and ID card with a written date and time below it. you may suppose that it's a really straightforward method however their area unit some points that you've got to stay in mind. If you're unable to try and do that then your ID verification may get failing and cannot be ready to trade on coinbase. Here is that the list of things that area unit necessary whereas submitting them: 1. the image you're submitting mustn't have glare or shadow on your face or distorted. 2. The image ought to cowl the complete window provided by the coinbase. 3. The ID card you're submitting ought to have a picture of yours with the residential proof. 4. Name and address on the ID card ought to be clean.

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shutterstock 1149286838 Coinbase Failed To Verify


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